Such…Filthy bugs These Locusts make, Bah, curse the fur…~Luciferas, Necromancer

A Beast is simply another tool, all it needs is some fine tuning and it can work wonders in Combat~Draheaven, The Ranger


I made a lot of these but this one is my favorite.  I don’t quite remember why I decided to put Dark Souls in iPod commercials but all well.  smoughlautrecdomhnallTarkusOrnstein

"Sizing up the important when you have to account for the plate size.." ~Tribune Grimstone

"My Name is Koalicia Nochagi, And like my forefathers before me. I am an assassin," ~Koa, The Red Mist.

so yeah..I got the stick of truth, so thats fine, Waiting for my Ds2 copy. since I got it for the PC. I feel imma regret it..Y’know with the whole..waiting an extra MONTH, but..I recon I can deal with it just fine……maybe…..probably…………imgonnadieaintI

The Blade Stuck Deeply in the ice, but as I touched it, a flame shot out, and light filled my surroundings…Truly this was a mighty blade, One worthy of the Cursed Knight…Truly Worthy.  ~Scopene The Cursed Knight